TetraMap in 1:1 coaching sessions:
An invitation!

By TetraMap_Admin - January 9, 2023

Anja Doil, Germany, shares findings from her Master TetraMap Facilitator project. She was positively surprised about the high degree to which TetraMap is already being used in coaching, and the potential energy to create a community of learning and sharing. That's exciting!

TetraMap transforms team performance – we all know this!

Every year dozens of new TetraMap facilitators worldwide certify for delivering TetraMap workshops and hundreds of teams experience the eye-opening exercises of what it means to be “in your Element” and flex towards the behavioural preferences of others. While I had regularly used TetraMap in team topics with groups of 3-60 participants, I had much less experience with using it in 1:1 coaching.

So, the result of my Master TetraMap Facilitator project. What about TetraMap in 1:1 coaching settings? Here is an invitation for you to consider:

TetraMap transforms coaching impact – we as coaches can leverage this!

Anja Coaching
Anja in one on one coaching

targetYou want to serve your coaching clients and add value to their coaching experience.
Those, who come to you for coaching often are in situations, where they need to be or become what Seth Godin describes as linchpins: people who can bring order to chaos, make things happen, invent, create and connect what is needed; people who make a difference. Typical coaching topics to develop linchpins are actually typical TetraMap topics, such as building self-awareness and self-confidence, developing interpersonal and communication skills as well as increasing motivation and building teams as leaders. Using TetraMap in your coaching will help you achieve more for your (linchpin) clients.

headYou know how TetraMap is already used with teams and builds on that.
You are already using TetraMap in the team setting and are a strong believer in its extraordinary usefulness?! A collection of insights is building in the TetraMap community and also on TetraMap in 1:1 coaching settings. Shared insights are accessible wisdom from very experienced, certified coaches, who at the same time are also experienced TetraMap facilitators. These insights – some of it shared in a second, more detailed blog post – raise awareness of the potential of TetraMap in coaching settings and help with mindset change from doing TetraMap for teams to delivering it for individuals and becoming aware of the related challenges.

handsYou can benefit from the collected experiences and in turn, support our community.
Looking into this particular use of TetraMap and involving the community highlights the vast resources that the global TetraMap community can rely on: Very strong professional skills and competencies in coaching. The generosity to share and support others in the community. The curiosity and willingness to learn it takes to constantly grow as individuals and as a community of like-minded humans. You are part of this facilitators’ community already and you can rely on your network and loop back your insights to others.

bulbYou can tap into the huge potential of TetraMap.
The versatility of TetraMap, the huge potential it holds for 1:1 coaching and the excitement of bringing TetraMap to coaching clients is obvious to active coaches. Just try it yourself if you are already a coach. Learning from other coaches is a true inspiration. And just reaching out to other coaches in the community is so rewarding– you will find wisdom that is surprising, exciting, and fun!
You will also find the kind of passion that makes people bring their whole personality to the table. And in the case of very many TetraMap facilitators, the inner condition from where they act is vastly influenced by TetraMap.

Anja Doil
Anja Doil

Ready to accept the invite?

You are reading this post, so most likely you are a Certified TetraMap Facilitator already. Depending on where you are on your personal journey, start with training to be a professional coach or start reflecting on how you want to bring TetraMap to your professional coaching practice.

Plan your first TetraMap inclusive coaching session. Ready? Go! Enjoy!


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