Our 21st Birthday Celebration

By TetraMap_Admin

Register today. This is a party that presses you to participate. You'll come away connected, inspired and uplifted! 

Founders Birthday

Celebrate What’s Right with the World

Event Theme

We’re holding an inspirational two-hour meet up over 2 dates catering for multiple time-zones on Tuesday 7 December and Wednesday 8th December for TetraMap Facilitators and friends to join in a celebration of TetraMap International’s 21 birthday! 

Our theme is “Celebrate What’s Right with the World!” A National Geographic photographer for many years, Dewitt Jones shares this vision from National Geographic and speaks widely about how this has inspired his own career and how it’s a crucial mindset for today. After all, as Dewitt says, our vision controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality. This message aligns perfectly with our event. 

Jon and YoshimiTetraMap Founders – will join us on both dates. it’s been a tough two years around the globe for many interconnected reasons. Yet we also have lots to celebrate and in particular a milestone for the TetraMap community. We are delighted to announce we will be joined by TetraMap Founders, Jon and Yoshimi Brett.

They’re keen to “Celebrate Your Element in the Context of COVID and Climate” AND Celebrate the birth of TetraMap’s new baby… TetraMeme. “Play with us, meet the baby and TetraCelebrate emerging opportunities!”

So, this event will focus on bringing our community together, focussing on the light rather than the dark and choosing to see the good stuff! This is a party that presses you to participate. You’ll come away connected, inspired and uplifted! 

Why two hours? This is not a webinar – it’s an experience and an opportunity to connect, reflect, relax and reconsider. We will ensure breaks and activities provide plenty of interaction, discussion and time for everyone to make the event meaningful and relevant.     

Time Zones

Options for our event times
The live two-hour event will run twice to capture time zones in the core markets of the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, North and South America. 

 Register against the time zone that suits you

Session 1
7 December
NZ, UK, Europe and Asia
10pm, 10am CET, 9am GMT, 5pm Singapore

Session 2
8 December (7 Dec N&S America) 
Australia, New Zealand and Asia, North and South America*
12pm NZDT, 7am Singapore, 5pm CST*, 6pm EST * 7 Dec


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