Our Brand and Copyright

By Louise

Why is this important? 
An inconsistent brand creates confusion and indifference. 

You are important brand ambassadors. 

We need your help to ensure our brand identity is maintained.

We’ve been working hard on increasing our perceived value offer in the marketplace and identifying what sets TetraMap apart. Of the many things identified, (simple, natural, elegant, holistic)  we’ve explained below where the shift in our future focus is.

  • Moving towards a framework for organisational solutions. 
  • Moving away from a focus on behavioral profiles. 

Part of this is an updated website, and you’ll see more of these messages coming through. 
Our tagline – Transforms Team Performance remains the same, as this sums up the outcome  Certified TetraMap Facilitators deliver.

Brand Guidelines – Essential Reading 

Take a few minutes to read the guidelines and PLEASE let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Scroll down each page to read more and use the navigation on the left to move to the next section. 

Key Messages

Everything we do is centred around one core belief: strength lies in valuing differences. 

We help you simplify the complexity of how people work together, enabling teams to foster and leverage their natural diversity to creatively solve a range of organisational challenges.


More guidance here.  

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