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By Louise

TetraMap International Strategy 2018-2020



A world where people own the belief that strength lies in valuing differences.


Provide people with a model, tool, framework, and approach that is highly-effective, accessible and user-friendly, so that teams, communities, and organisations can work together productively and sustainably for the benefit of all.


Teach people how to maximise the benefits of diversity and enable them to solve everyday human and organisational challenges for the success of people and the planet.
We will work to achieve this by applying the principles of Nature – value diversity, be sustainable, work inter-dependently, and create synergy.


Sustainability, Transparency, Responsibility, Inter-dependence, Creativity and Holism.

Firm Foundations

  • We use nature as a metaphor and apply its lessons to help us understand human nature and how to do more with less. This is the foundation on which we build our future.
  • We specialise in the art and science of how people learn, and how to apply their learning in real life contexts. We provide training, materials and a proven process to deliver mindsets shifts, and transformational learning experiences.
  • We take a regenerative approach. This means all learning experiences are intentionally designed to grow the inherent potential of everyone, as well as growing the capacity of the living systems we all work within.
  • We will maintain and expand learner-centred training resources. All are underpinned by a deep understanding of the fundamentals of instructional design, combined with the principles of accelerated learning.
  • We embed our educational experiences in vibrant, collaborative, welcoming environments. By working with, and learning alongside, expert practitioners who work in multidisciplinary contexts, we can share practical, entrepreneurial, and intellectual skills to help tackle business and societal problems.


  • Delivering our mission requires investment in people, technology, products, services, research and marketing. This requires us to strengthen and diversify our revenue stream.
  • The pursuit of continuous improvement requires systems thinking, calm communication, and innovative, creative design in all that we do. This means we will provide consistent processes, clear rules, ongoing education and appropriate technology for distributors, facilitators and staff.
  • We will ensure that all agreements we enter into are clear, fair, transparent, and built on a foundation of trust – not fear. We will intentionally attract people and organisations with aligned values who always demonstrate mutual responsibility and respect.
  • Amplifying our reach will only happen when we enhance and extend our capabilities. We will act courageously and innovatively when pursuing new opportunities. We will take prudent financial and business risks to learn, sustain, develop and grow.

People and Partnerships

  • To achieve our mission we need to attract, retain and increase the talented and culturally diverse people we work with. We will continue to build a supportive, inclusive and highly-motivated community – including distributors, clients, facilitators, staff, contractors and suppliers.
  • No organisation can realise the full benefits of its work by itself. We will strengthen relationships and collaboration with business, academia, and non-profit, healthcare and government institutions across the globe.
  • We will enrich the learner experience. Providing a broad range of activities – including workshops, webinars, coaching, and enhanced digital learning offerings. These will help develop wider talents, and broaden the skill sets needed to be successful.
  • We will build strong inter-dependent relationships with our alumni and friends. This lifelong exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge benefits all of us.


  • We will share the impact and amplify the importance of the work of facilitators globally. We will report on transformational stories that make a difference in society. Increased collaboration and shared passion increases depth and understanding for the benefit of all.
  • Moving away from the binary notions of good/bad, right/wrong, win/lose, towards a holistic approach of valuing diverse and multiple perspectives is a key concept we learn and teach. We will continue to challenge the outdated thinking that exists in much of the world today.
  • We are active members of the work of associations, groups and industry bodies we belong to, and contribute to and promote the work that they do. We celebrate their achievements and invite them to celebrate in ours.
  • We will continue to seek the advice and wisdom of our founders Jon and Yoshimi Brett. Their latest project, the challenge of creating a Living Building Home, serves as a representation of their leadership, legacy, and ultimate care for the environment.
  • Their gift of TetraMap to the world is something for which we will be forever grateful.

©TetraMap International Strategy 2018-2020

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TetraMap International Strategy 2018-2020

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