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By TetraMap_Admin - March 1, 2016

Plan B for the planet


When Sir Richard Branson announced the launch of a new not-for-profit organisation, the B Team, the world took notice. This one’s a bit different – less about empire building, more about building a better planet full of better people.


The B Team’s manifesto, known as ‘Plan B’, is based on a 10-point agenda for change: an ambitious idea that “puts people and planet alongside profit”. Plan B seeks to redefine success, create new structures, measure the capital business takes from nature, and be entrepreneurial in closing the gap between rich and poor. Branson is not known for backing failures, so his emergence as a figurehead a huge step in the right direction. The fact that he has also secured the involvement of other leaders – including people like Zhang YueProfessor Muhammad Yunus and Jochen Zeitz – only adds credibility and momentum to the cause.


At TetraMap, Plan B makes so much sense to us because our foundation, a learning metaphor based on nature and the four elements, is all about finding balance. It’s built on demonstrating how nature thrives through inter-dependence, with earth, air, water, and fire existing in harmony, dependent on each other. This metaphor is very relevant to the business world which is quite clearly out of balance to the detriment of society and the planet.


At the moment, a single perspective – profit at all costs – is the prevalent attitude, and it will take time to shift that mindset. But how do we do that?



Change needs to happen at the micro level to have the macro impact we’re aiming for. We need to start by considering individuals and finding ways to better connect them with other individuals to create better, more effective teams. Once those teams are operating in better balance, they can be connected to other teams to create better, more effective organisations. Then, we’ll be in a position to take the next giant leap: creating a more effective and sustainable global economy.


That’s in the future: for now, let’s focus on what we can do today – helping to transform the attitudes, behaviour, and performance of the individuals and teams we work with every day. That starts by understanding the people we work with.


For TetraMappers, Plan B means considering people from four different perspectives: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.


So, what does it mean for you? Tell us on our LinkedIn page.

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