In Your Element – A positive
practical perspective on conflict
resolution with Dr. Jane Beddall

By Louise

Jane Beddall is from Connecticut USA. She is a lawyer with a focus on mediation and conflict resolution with a particular interest in family businesses.

Jane is In Her Element when she is able to listen and convey an approach of the confidence to the people she works with. She talks about the skills of handling the emotional and sometimes irrational aspects which will often come to the fore when conflict is present.

Jane’s chose a favourite phrase of hers which forms a key part of her work “The only constant is change” and how recognising a change will often provide a shift to see opportunities which arise during a conflict situation.

She shares a workplace situation where a simmering tension arose and led to a need for workplace mediation. The “I am right and you are wrong” fixed mindset caused an escalation from something small into a much bigger problem. Ultimately her intervention allowed each party to hear the other’s perspective and move forward.

Jane unfolds how a fundamental underlying human need “we all want to be heard” is a key part of the work she does. She encourages people to be optimistic about conflict and look for small opportunities to give some thought about – What they are going to say? and What is the best way for me to engage with this other person?


Jane Beddall, MA, JD, is founder and principal of Dovetail Resolutions LLC, a mediation and consulting firm focusing on preventing and resolving damaging conflicts for extended families and their businesses. Fascinated by conflict for over 35 years, she is a seasoned mediator and a certified CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach. In 2014, she received The Honorable Robert C. Zampano Award for Excellence in Mediation. Jane is the host of the podcast Crafting Solutions to Conflict, providing a practical and positive perspective on conflict, available on listening apps and

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