In Your Element – Bouncing
Forward with Pete Clark from 21

By Louise

21 Whispers was born to build that very capability.

Pete Clark believes life whispers to us, and occasionally – it shouts.  We have to be ready to hear it, and when it shouts, we tend to do something about it.   


He has engaged with C suite executives and leadership teams for over 20 years and brings all of that experience to the virtual table.  Pete specialises in virtual facilitation & resilience, coaching using mindset and behavioural methodologies to bridge the performance potential gap – wherever you happen to be working from.

Pete asks how can we use these challenging times to not only bounce back, but to bounce forward?  He is a Mental Toughness Master Practitioner and has developed a set of resources for bouncing forward – which are available as a gift from his website  –

One of his favourite quotes is  “What would stop if you weren’t around?”. If the answer to this is nothing – then where is your legacy? 

And another quote which is described as a definition of hell.  “On your last day the person you became meets the person you could have become. “  Ask yourself – did you use your time here to do your very best?  Not just for yourself but for others? 

He also recommends this book: The Invitation

Contrary to the popular saying about teams, Pete leaves us with his thoughts on why he believes there is an “I” in team.  Great interview with someone clearly determined to impact those he meets – those who are ready to hear anyway!  

 Location: Sydney, Australia and globally via Zoom
Contact details: +61 438 474 185

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