In Your Element – Mastering

By Louise

At the heart of TetraMap and its success is the use of nature as a metaphor. Aristotle said  to master and use metaphor was a sign of genius. 

Metaphor is compelling and engaging to people of all types of intelligences, or as we start to define in a TetraMap way, people with preferences relating to different elements; earth, air, water and fire. 

The beauty of use of metaphor in TetraMap is that it is broadly applicable across very diverse teams and organisations, providing a way of unifying the disparate, and ordering the complex.  

Narrated by Andrew Melville, a long time friend of TetraMap and the editor of our book ‘ Develop People and Business the way Nature intended’. It’s an 8 minute episode.

Andrew has recently published his book – The Weave: The Surprising Unity in Difference.

The Weave offers a bold new model and metaphor for navigating today’s complex world. It builds on the ancient and universal craft of weaving, to offer pathways in communication, engagement and facilitation.

” The Weave gives an insightful new meaning to the flow for strategy…it makes a brilliant and clear map for 21st C thinking, I will revisit the book many times.”
Sir Robert (Bob) HarveyT

TetraMap Book: Develop people and business the way nature intended. Brett and Brett.

Royalty free music: With permission from artist: Woah by Vincent Augustus
Episode length: 9 minutes

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