In Your Element – TetraMap, A
systemic framework for positive
change, with Prof. Hector
Rodriguez, Mexico

By Louise

Hector describes how he discovered and fell in love with TetraMap many years ago – initially as a simple model for understanding difference and diversity.

Since then, and through his long standing relationship with Founders Jon and Yoshimi Brett, he now sees TetraMap as a systemic framework that deeply becomes a part of you – allowing you to have greater impact in all you do and say. 

He explains how he currently uses TetraMap as a verb – in all aspects of his life and work –  as something which can be applied in any human setting. TetraMap is a positive approach to life, which at the same time demands we act on our own agency for change

He shares personal and professional challenges projects, problems and opportunities – all of which have benefitted from the wisdom of nature and the lens of the Four Elements. 

Of particular interest is his story of long standing gender violence towards women in the University of Guanajuato – highlighted by the media and which he needed to resolve in his role as Provost.  It wasn’t until he applied TetraMap’s framework to the problem he could begin to see a holistic solution that would : 

  • Take FIRM action against the violence.
  • Be CLEAR and transparent about the cases that were being processed. 
  • Lead with EMPATHY. Understand the pain, the courage, and deeply appreciate the significance of the women’s struggle.    
  • Build a better BRIGHTER future ahead.  

He also shares some superb insights about his high Air preference (with the caveat he knows he has all four Elements!)
Describing vividly how he is always unsatisfied, always looking for ways to improve things, always sensing what can go wrong, and always verifying before acting.  

 Hector’s gift to leave with listeners is about teams. He knows how TetraMap can teach leaders of teams that the formula of diversity plus inter-dependence will prove the resources for tackling any challenge –  are always within any team.  That’s a mindset shift for many. 

There are many, many powerful examples, generous gifts, and gems to learn from in this one-hour long episode.

Bio: Héctor Efraín Rodríguez de la Rosa

Amongst many professional qualifications,  Hector holds a Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Guanajuato; Master in Group Psychology from Southern Oregon University; Master in Business Administration from Universidad Iberoamericana; Doctor in Organizational Change from Pepperdine University. 

Director of the International Annual Conference on Work Teams held annually from 1996 to date.

Author of the book: Collaboration for high performance. Variables at the individual, group and organizational level seen through the TetraMap®. ISBN 978-607-00-3966-9



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