In Your Element – The Nature
of Planning

By Louise

Whether strategic planning, project planning, or planning an event, the process can and should be an enjoyable and productive experience. TetraMap planning sessions bring us the best in people and a strong commitment to implementing the plan.

The reason? Like Nature the Elements work inter-dependently, each contributing from their point of strength and interest.

Narrated by Andrew Melville, a long-time friend of TetraMap and the editor of our book ‘ Develop People and Business the way Nature intended’. It’s an 8-minute episode.

The Nature of Planning includes

  • Firm Outputs
  • Clear Systems
  • Calm Culture
  • Bright Image

The case study included describes a medical Doctor’s practice where they took time out to focus on developing strategies and results, planning rather than constantly reacting and fire fighting. All the team were involved, developing mutual commitment and trust deeply. Organisations are complex systems and using TetraMap’s framework allows it to be viewed from at least 4 perspectives.

Andrew has recently published his book – The Weave: The Surprising Unity in Difference.

The Weave offers a bold new model and metaphor for navigating today’s complex world. It builds on the ancient and universal craft of weaving, to offer pathways in communication, engagement and facilitation.

” The Weave gives an insightful new meaning to the flow for strategy…it makes a brilliant and clear map for 21st C thinking, I will revisit the book many times.”
Sir Robert (Bob) Harvey

TetraMap Book: Develop people and business the way nature intended. Brett and Brett.

Royalty-free music: With permission from artist: Woah by Vincent Augustus
Episode length: 9 minutes

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