In Your Element – The Nature
of Team

By Louise

Season 3 begins with The Nature of Team, something we are very passionate about. It’s a 10 minute episode. We hear from Andrew Melville, a long time friend of TetraMap and the editor of our book ‘ Develop People and Business the way Nature intended’.

Andrew narrates part 6 of the book for our listeners, and describes The Nature of Team. Teamwork takes energy. How to create that kind of success is the challenge of every leader, parent, coach, and manager.

The TetraMap of Team includes

  • Firm Goals
  • Clear Rules
  • Calm Values
  • Bright Spirit

The case study included describes a local government team, listening and emotional intelligence.

Andrew has recently published his book – The Weave: The Surprising Unity in Difference.

The Weave offers a bold new model and metaphor for navigating today’s complex world. It builds on the ancient and universal craft of weaving, to offer pathways in communication, engagement and facilitation.

” The Weave gives an insightful new meaning to the flow for strategy…it makes a brilliant and clear map for 21st C thinking, I will revisit the book many times.”
Sir Robert (Bob) Harvey

Book: Develop people and business the way nature intended.
Royalty free music: With permission from artist: Woah by Vincent Augustus
Episode length: 10 minutes

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