In Your Element – with Sarah
Dwyer, Marketing Expert , New

By Louise

Our latest episode features Sarah Dwyer. Sarah held a marketing role at TetraMap International where she worked with as part of our team for four years. During that time, she made fantastic contributions to our development and community- including our brand guidelines.

Just before she moved on to a new opportunity we took some time to gain her insights. This was a truly beneficial working relationship and partnership, and definitely one that left both parties in a better place than when we started.

In this episode, Sarah discusses what she’s learned from integrating TetraMap into her approach to work and family life. She describes TetraMap as a way of life, a philosophy, an ecosystem and a gift that keeps on giving.

Sarah chose the powerful Lao Tzu quote to share</p

“Without going beyond his own nature, one cannot achieve ultimate wisdom.”

A jam-packed 14 minutes!

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