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Recent updates to My Tetra

Updated support slides (October 2015)

We have updated the TetraMap support slides to the new branding; download here.

The TetraMap eBook (September 2015)

TetraMap – develop people and business the way nature intended by Yoshimi and Jon Brett

This book contains the background to the model’s development, applications, case studies, and much more including new chapters from Yoshimi and Jon. Certified facilitators can now get their free copy of the new eBook on the downloadable resources page.

Product update (August 2015)

Left Brain / Right Brain is just a metaphor – read Robyn Walshe’s article on the left-brain / right-brain myth. We have accordingly updated the Why are you like that? PowerPoint – please download the latest version.

Amplify your message (May 2015)

A 30-minute webinar by Certified TetraMap Facilitator Kath Dewar of GoodSense Marketing has been added to our articles and videos page. Get practical tips and useful guidance from a marketing expert. Amplify your message and TetraMap’s reach by following 3 proven strategies – short, sweet, and simple to do!

Geodesic dome activity equipment (May 2015)

A list of the equipment needed for this valuable team activity has been added to the downloadable resources page.

New WAYLT storyboard and notes (April 2015)

The Why are you like that? storyboard and notes have been updated to match the new-branding PowerPoint. Download from the resources page.

New WAYLT PowerPoint (October 2014)

The Why are you like that? PowerPoint has been updated to have the new branding. The sales brochure and the international instrument return sheet were also updated. Download from the resources page.

TED talks (August 2014)

We’ve added a page of selected TED talks which will interest, inform, and inspire.

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