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TetraMap offers a refreshingly simple approach to get us talking and working together more productively and inter-dependently. It is liberating for those who grasp how nature’s basic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire are metaphors for behaviour and a simple framework for exploring complex subjects.

A brief explanation of the Elements:

Earth: Like a mountain is firmEarth

Bold and sturdy, Earth Elements are confident in the way they walk and talk. Goals, control, achievement and winning are important. Quick, possibly risky decisions come easily.  

Air: Like the wind is clearAir

These orderly and focused individuals rely on their ability to think things out. They excel in finding logical solutions and making sense of situations. Air Elements listen and plan to ensure accuracy and quality. 

Water: Like a lake is calmWater

Caring and consistent, Water Elements are important in holding families and teams together. They are loyal and deeply feeling people who show steadfast effort, great patience, and a desire for harmony and flow. 

Fire: Like the sun is bright 


Looking at the positive side of life, they love to explore possibilities and inspire others to see bright futures. Fire Elements are colourful, love variety, and have a great sense of fun!  

Remember, each person is a unique combination of all four Elements.

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TetraMap was developed in New Zealand Aotearoa by Yoshimi and Jon Brett who looked to nature to create a learning model that increases personal well-being and team cohesion.

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