TetraMap Facilitator Certification

By TetraMap_Admin

More talented facilitators can change more lives. More transformational learning means less transactional teaching.

Cert Course AucklandWho is certification for?

Facilitators who are catalysts of positive change. People who want to create engaging learning experiences and meaningful discussions. It’s inclusive, it’s for everyone – everyone who believes in the power of human potential, and particularly those who align with TetraMap’s key message ‘ strength lies in valuing differences.’

People want meaningful engagement, more simplification, and less time. Less complexity helps everyone move forward faster on more important topics, relationships, negotiations, and conflicts.

Facilitation is not always a group thing. TetraMap caters to those wanting personal self-development or who are in coaching or leadership roles. It is context-based, meaning you can make sense of it in your own context. You’ll soon learn the range of applications is huge.

Certified TetraMap FacilitatorAt present,  We offer in-person (2 full days) and virtual facilitation ( 4 x 3.5 hours, plus masterclass) options.

  • In-person Certification is held in New Zealand and Singapore.
  • Virtual Certification in the United Kingdom and EU, and the United States.
  • In-house (custom) options are also available if you have 5 or more people to be certified.

Our Global Course Calendar is here 


The TetraMap pathway and CTF to MTF progression.

Master FacilitatorCertification is the start of your journey with TetraMap. We offer regional community meet-ups (virtually) to continue learning and share skills with others, plus regular updates on content and facilitation ideas. Our friendly teams are always at the end of a phone or email if you need support or help to get started, use the digital suite, or just want some guidance or advice. We’re fast to respond and always delighted to hear from you. Once you’re really enjoying your facilitation with TetraMap, you can participate in extension courses such as Leadership or Coaching, OR learn to train others and deepen your own knowledge by becoming a Master TetraMap Facilitator,

Our supportive facilitator network

Our global community is pretty special, and we call it our TetraFamily! We’re small enough to care, and large enough to be generous in what we share. Our culture and our values help to make us connected with why we do what we do, and in a nutshell most of us are about creating a better world for our fellow humankind. At TetraMap we care for people and the planet, not shareholder profit or selling ‘stuff’. Sure we have to make a profit and pay our wages and bills, but we are mostly concerned with serving the people who join our tribe, and helping them to become the best facilitators of TetraMap!

However, it’s not for you if:

  • You want profiling, psychometrics, or something that categorises people.
  • You prefer to provide information rather than ask curious questions.
  • You need something that has scientific validity, because your people want that.
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