TetraMap workshops

By Louise

TetraMap helps people learn together in ways that are fulfilling and long-lasting. Known as 'sticky learning' - it's a proven method that engages head and heart.

Each workshop includes: 

An experienced facilitator using one of our participant workbooks, all exploring a different context. Leadership and responsibility threads through everything. Each workshop is designed to create a meaningful and memorable learning experience with content that is easy to understand, use, take away and apply every day.   

TetraMap’s topics are natural building blocks – and cover the broad needs of today’s businesses. Start with the basic scaffolding of understanding self and others, choose to move towards creating strong teams, use simple planning processes and/or business differentiators through customers sales and service. 

I always choose TetraMap as the model of behaviour because the feedback from delegates consistently reflects a positive experience and extremely high application in the ‘real world’. It’s reassuring to be told how the experience has changed their lives for the better, both inside and outside work.
Dan Masters, Elmfield Training, UK

You can either: 

Find a facilitator in your location. They will work with you to ensure the context, content, meaning and learning outcomes are tailored for your specific needs.   

Become certified yourself. You’ll learn a proven process for creating engaging, interactive, experiential learning experiences. 

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The success I have had working with teams and the feedback we have had is second to none. TetraMap has helped establish and re-energise teams that have been through a massive amount of change and conflict.
Learning and Development Manager, Astra Zeneca, UK