TetraMaps Digital Instrument

By TetraMap_Admin

Digital Products

Digital LearningTetraMap has 3 digital products in the Digital Suite –  Conference, Webinar and Team.

The process for using the digital products:

  1. Purchase the products
  2. Redeeming the products and set up your group in TetraPanel
  3. Facilitate the training either virtual or in-room.

Overview of delivering Digital products – check out this page (includes downloadable Virtual Facilitation tip sheet)


TetraPanelThe Digital Suite is delivered via an online portal, TetraPanel. This enables Facilitators to set up and manage participant groups. Participants will be able to complete the online instrument and receive their individual reports and workbook digitally. (Workbooks are included in Team and Webinar).

Click here to get started with creating your TetraPanel login. This login is separate from your TetraMap website login however, it will be simpler if you use the same login.

In TetraPanel, there are video tutorials to get you started.

Resources for delivery

Links below for webinars for delivery of “Why are you like that” as well as support digital delivery.

  • Delivering “Why are you like that” online webinar – Dan Entwhistle and Suzan Hochstetler
  • Building your digital facilitation skills webinar – by Anne Clews and Louise Duncan
  • Digitally engaging your audience webinar – Louise Duncan and Anne Clews
  • Engage your participants webinar – Emma Mauger and Jonathon Forrest
  • Creating online holistic learning experiences webinar – Nicki Davey
  • Making the most of Zoom breakout rooms webinar – Jonathon Forrest
  • Zoom tips and tricks webinar – David Nebinski
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