The CTF Development Pathway

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When your clients or colleagues ask ... What else? What's next? Develop your understanding of the breadth and depth of TetraMap's applications. Embark on a journey of curiosity, learning and and mastery .  

Certified TetraMap Facilitator Pathway 

We’re developing a suite of online learning programmes, meet ups and live events to meet the need for more learning and development. Through this, we’ll help you solve the problem of  “I’ve facilitated Why Are You Like That? … What’s next? What else?” 

TetraMap Learning Pathway

1. Your first experience of Why Are You Like That? (as a learner) is likely to have provided some insightful personal development moments. “Oh, now I understand why you see it differently to me” is a typical response. You’ll had some fun, and noticed others enjoying the exploration from questions and activities posed by the facilitators. It is often this experience, this visceral aha, that stimulate curiosity and leads to the next step – learning to facilitate TetraMap’s signature style and foundational workbook. 

2. Attending the TetraMap Facilitator Certification Course  gives you the ability and resources needed to facilitate your own TetraMap workshops, in your own contexts. Whether you attend virtually, face to face or a blend of both, you’ll see and experience the process unfold. Your confidence and facilitation skills will develop and you’ll gain a much deeper appreciation of the value of diversity for all our communities. To ensure and support better, more effective outcomes to all your projects/teams/ meetings and communities – start with TetraMap as a strong foundation.  

3. Go broader and deeper with the Nature Series. Already designed workbooks support you to easily extend your offering and capabilities. Choose to learn more through one of our smaller online courses and try one of the workbooks which focus on teams, customers or planning. The website is full of resources and shared experiences for you to learn from. Go beyond behaviour and communication – expand your potential, explore the possibilities. Join an event, watch a webinar, connect with the community and co-facilitate! Keep learning with us!  More

4. You may want to consider becoming a Master TetraMap Facilitator. Perhaps TetraMap has inspired you so much you see it as part of your long term future. The Master TetraMap Facilitator programme is about transformation, leadership, legacy and scale. It is for people who have seen the impact TetraMap can make and who want to amplify that change to make a bigger difference for others and deepen their own practice.   We invite you to apply and take a longer journey and an exciting adventure with others from around the globe.  More

“If you’re thinking of investing the time into becoming a Master Facilitator – do it…its been an amazing learning experience that has benefited me individually but also my organisation.” 

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“Diversity is all around us. TetraMap is a powerful tool that reflects Alvin Toffler’s quote “The illiterate of the 21st Century are those that do not learn, unlearn and relearn.” 
shared by Ridhwan Yusoff, MTF, Singapore