The Digital Suite

By TetraMap_Admin

This product range offers 3 engaging ways to facilitate TetraMap digitally. Extend your reach, reduce travel , and purchase only what you need for each client.

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The Digital Suite:

Certified TetraMap Facilitator Tony Dain from Future Vision Training in the UK has been one of our pioneers. Tony and his team have used TetraMap online as an introduction and pre-course activity for 200 participants with a large ‘digital first’ client. TetraMap is included as part of the first of three modules for this client.

The online tool landed well with participants and they were well prepared for the follow-on classroom session. The TetraPanel allowed the facilitator to review participants profile scores beforehand and prepare a summary of the team to share at the workshop.
Tony Dain, Future Vision Training, UK 

I first came to TetraMap with some fairly binary ideas, believing that there is usually one right way and that a bit of collateral damage en route to success was an acceptable way to run a company. Working with TetraMap has completely realigned my views.
Scott Garrett, Promontory Ltd, UK