The TetraMap experience

By TetraMap_Admin

Inclusive, interactive, inspiring

TetraMap is an inspiring and memorable model, tool, and framework you can use to accelerate and embed positive culture change. Using nature’s strongest shape – the tetrahedron – and the four Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), the model helps individuals and teams understand and embrace differences.

This enlightening experience empowers people to resolve conflict, improve communication, and build profitable, sustainable working relationships. By fast-tracking understanding of self and others, TetraMap fosters energy, vitality, and unity, rapidly improving individual and team performance.


Master TetraMap facilitator Martin Coburn leading a certification course

TetraMap unites people of all levels, functions and types with a simple, powerful metaphor – Nature – that everyone can understand and embrace. With the flexible TetraMap model, you get:

  • Effective and sustainable individual, team, and organisation-wide programmes
  • A methodology that is easily integrated into training, development and learning programmes, and strategies
  • Simply taught, applied, and practised within just 90 minutes
  • User-friendly, interactive, inspiring model for life-long use

TetraMap’s refreshing, globally proven behavioural and communication skills training model triggers the combined power of different personal styles.

For communication skills training to help you overcome silos and improve sales and productivity, contact the team at TetraMap today.

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TetraMap has made an impact that goes above and beyond performance at a team level. The use of nature as a metaphor and the simplicity of TetraMap is one of the key reasons our people have so readily bought into it. TetraMap creates an excellent framework for more effective communication and collaboration.

Jo Ring, Manager People & Culture
Wellington Zoo Trust