The Gift of Knowing Yourself and
Others Better – Webinar

By TetraMap_Admin

1.  Time in nature

It’s well-researched that spending time in nature – even a short walk at lunchtime – is good for us.  From increasing wellbeing and creativity to reducing stress and calming our minds. 

Now for some reflection, let’s deepen your understanding of the power of nature and consider why TetraMap chose this metaphor to give us a better understanding of human nature.  

Take a few minutes to consider when you last spent time outside in nature: 

  • What did you do?  What did you notice? 
  • How did you/others feel?  What was inspiring or sparked your creativity? 

2. What are your natural preferences?

Are you Firm, Clear, Calm or Bright?    

Building and developing an understanding of self-awareness is a key skill for all. It’s a helpful mirror that’s always there, and once you see it – you cannot unsee it. Every day at work, at home, whilst out shopping or at the gym you’ll notice. 

Others’ awareness takes you deeper, and increases inter-personal skills, emotional intelligence, empathy and helps us reduce conflict.   

We’ll discuss our preferences and celebrate our differences. You’ll learn how to leverage this knowledge and build stronger relationships and better communication skills.    

  • Complete the TetraMap’s digital instrument.  Go with your intuitive responses, and have fun reading your results. This not a psychometric or personality ‘test’,  it provides an insight into your natural behaviour and enhances understanding of why others are different.  
  • Please keep your results and the workbook handy for the webinar.

3. Nature at work  

Watch the short less than 2-minute video.

Here you’ll see the Four Elements of Nature at work in a meeting.  Notice the difference in communication styles, and how frustrations and tensions arise. Now think about a recent meeting you’ve attended or run. Did you experience something similar? What was the impact? 

At the webinar, we’ll use our knowledge of the Elements at work to identify what makes an effective meeting, and how to make a presentation which engages ALL the Elements.  

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The work of R. Buckminster Fuller is at the heart of TetraMap’s thinking. Fuller called himself a comprehensivist and looked to nature for solutions to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. 

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