The four Elements

Nature’s four elements – earth, air, water, fire – resonate with many cultures and are simple, memorable, and easily understood as representations of the manner in which people interact. We use capitals for the metaphors: Earth, Air Water, Fire, Elements.

Even though there are strong contrasts in environments around the globe, most people can relate to their own experience of the richness of nature. Like much of what we uncover when we take time to observe, the patterns have been there all the time. The Elements teach us much, link to our own experiences, and show us what’s possible.

Using Nature as a metaphor makes it easy to start conversations and illustrate examples of effective connections, enabling personal reflection, shared discussion. This helps create a common language which is easy to remember and use.

All TetraMap workshops incorporate at least four lessons from Nature: value diversity, be sustainable, work inter-dependently and create synergy.

In our world view, all Elements are equally important and equally necessary for strength, diversity, sustainability and we use all four lenses to encourage whole brain thinking.