The TetraMap approach to Plan B and

By TetraMap_Admin

Using Nature as a link (the threat to New Zealand Aotearoa’s beloved kauri trees), Yoshimi and Jon Brett discuss how TetraMap is a leadership competency and a key to one of Plan B’s three challenges: Leadership.

TetraMapping Leadership

  • Firm: What can we do? What action can we take?
  • Clear: Understand the underlying causes of the problem (e.g. the ecology in this case).
  • Calm: Use emotional intelligence to engage others.
  • Bright: Inspire change and demonstrate optimism – we can make a difference!
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Tane Mahuta

The giant kauri Yoshimi referred to, Tane Mahuta, is the largest known and is estimated to be between 1,250 and 2,500 years old.

The threat to kauri

For those who want to know more about the threat to Aotearoa New Zealand’s kauri, this is a very good article.