Unlock the Ultimate Facilitator

By TetraMap_Admin

“Everything you need to make your sessions shine!”

Start delivering from day one.

Step into the world of TetraMap facilitation equipped with an extensive library of print and digital resources, designed to support you in delivering outstanding sessions, online and in person.

Each resource includes a comprehensive facilitator guide, interactive activities, and PowerPoint presentations – all you need to captivate your audience and facilitate an engaging, transformational experience from the get-go! Plus, our state-of-the art Digital Suite offers immense value. Discover the true value of TetraMap and make your sessions shine!

Participant Workbooks, Stickers, Tetrahedrons

Covers Tetrahedron & stickersReady to go, full colour workbooks designed for taking notes, recording learning reflections, and interactive exercises for your learners to practice and reinforce deeper communication and collaboration skills.

Inside, the topics chosen are broad and generic, so it’s easy for you to contextualise to your own content. eg Leadership , Strategy, Projects. Or, choose a specific workbook title to extend learning into teamwork, planning or sales and service.

Comprehensive and available in Paper or Digital, also some offered in multiple languages.

Each workbook comes with a set of stickers and a tetrahedron to bring more playful, kinaesthetic learning into every workshop.

Leader Guide and Powerpoint

Leader Guide and PowerPointTrust the process! Each workbook is supported by a full Leader Guide and beautifully illustrated Powerpoint to ensure you have the tools to deliver on any topic, whether it’s the first or the 100th session you’ve run.

Designed around the TetraPath of Learning to maximise impact, each exercise and activity is explained and demonstrated so you have confidence and many ideas for extending and engaging participant learning.

We help make your facilitation look great and effortless, so you don’t need to worry about designing or creating your own resources. A Brilliant Time Saver!


Part of TetraMap’s signature style is creating an environment that is safe, warm, welcoming and engaging. To help you we offer colourful branded posters, simple flip chart quotes, room layout ideas, table set up, metaphor playing cards and more.

The Digital Suite of products80% of your workshop’s success will depend on how welcome and engaged participants feel, before, during and after any training. Everything matters, and the small details add up.

Digital Suite and Virtual Facilitation

The popularity, convenience and time saving factors all play a part in reaching your audience, particularly with distributed teams and those working from home.

You can be a great virtual facilitator using TetraMap’s state of the art Digital Suite and emplying our virtual facilitation tips. TetraMap has been used in a virtual context around the world for several years – pre pandemic, and we know it can have just as great an impact as ‘being in the room’. We’re here to support you if this is something new to you and our experienced facilitators will generously share their knowledge.

Book – Develop People and Business the Way Nature Intended.

Written in an easy to ready style by the founders Jon and Yoshimi Brett, this book is full of stories. It explains the history and philoposphy behind TetraMap’s developments as well as the dreans and aspirations for people and the planet.

With a gem on every page, this resource book is a must have and a downloadable version is free to all Certified TetraMap facilitators.

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