Using Four Elements backgrounds in

By TetraMap_Admin

Bringing nature to your virtual workshops.

Tetrafy your next virtual session.

This is a quick guide to show you how to use the TetraMap element backgrounds in your next Zoom or Microsoft teams TetraMap training. You can add soo much more richness and visual interest to your session as well as everyone in your session is able to show their preference and see everyone else’s elements too.

Zoom Tetera-fied

First Download the Backgrounds

These are also on the downloads page but the link is here to make it easy. Once downloaded unzip them to a folder on your desktop as you will need them to upload.


Zoom Backgrounds – 4 Elements

Downlaod Now 1.17 MB 83 downloads

Zoom Guide

  1. Open Zoom from your start menu by typing “zoom” in the search at the top.
  2. Once open look at the menu bar at the top and click on Apps.
  3. Click on Discover and type “Shared Backgrounds” into the search box once found click on it.
  4. On the details page click Add, you will be taken to a permission page and click Accept.
  5. Shared Backgrounds will now be open in Zoom, and you will need to upload your backgrounds by clicking Upload Backgrounds.
  6. Upload each image and if you would like them in a collection you can create one until all 4 are uploaded. they will all now be available in zoom every time you use it. allowing you to share them with all participants.

What participants need to do

  1. Once the participants are in the session, let them know to click on Apps and shared backgrounds appear with all the backgrounds you have added.
  2. They can then click “Set Background” on their highest element. And that’s it!

You will now have a room full of people with their TetraMap preferences and lovely nature imagery. instantly feeling TetriFied!

Teams Guide

The instructions for uploading are written out below. Unlike in Zoom, on MS Teams you have to be pretty close to joining a call to be able to edit the background image. It’s not in the core settings menu but users will be used to this.

To add an image before joining your meeting

  • Click on the meeting link
  • Before clicking “Join”, select “Background Filters”
  • Select “+Add New”
  • Upload the background from your folder
  • Select the image.  You will see it change.
  • Select “Join” and you’ll enter into the meeting

To add an image while In the meeting

  • Click on “Background Settings”
  • Click “+Add New” to upload the image or if you have already added the background image, click “Select”
  • Click “Done” and continue with your meeting


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