Leading with Courage, Care and
Compassion with Fred Tan

By Brett

Presented by Fred Tan, Genium & Co, Singapore 

NOTE: This webinar was recorded at the start of the Covid 19 outbreak in the context of a global crisis. It’s relevance in the context of Leaders, Leadership, Self Awareness and Self Management are still absolutely relevant today. Enjoy the valuable content shared by Fred, and the questions from the TetraMap Community. You can only learn more!  

In times like these where the Covid-19 outbreaks grip the world in fear and panic, have you asked: What is our role as Leaders? How do we inspire confidence in our teams and still continue to work effectively?

Drawing on his personal journey in organisational learning and human capital management, as well as his operational exposures in the United Nations and humanitarian missions in Timor-Leste and Aceh, Fred Tan is passionate about developing effective and adaptive leaders in multi-cultural, high-performing teams.

 For eight years as Head of the Singapore Armed Force’s Centre for Leadership Development (CLD), Fred systematically implemented a top-of-class leadership development system for a pipeline of 15,000 military leaders annually, and championed the seeding of an open learning culture in the organization. Under his charge, the Centre won the HRM Asia’s “Best in Leadership Development Award” in 2016.

Fred shares his passion for developing leaders and provides unique insights into why Singapore Armed Forces chose to use a simple tool – TetraMap – for developing its young military leaders.



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Fred Tan, Genium & Co Singapore is a Certified TetraMap Facilitator. Fred’s expertise in Crisis Leadership, and Team Development is outstanding. We value his generosity and contribution to our Teach and Learn webinar series.