What the MTF Course is about?

By TetraMap_Admin

Become a Master TetraMap Facilitator today and become part of our global leadership group.

MTF Course Outline

Cert Course Auckland Learning is limitless. You choose how much to contribute. There are no tests, no pass or fail. .

To provide structure there are 3 assignments with plenty of topics to explore, and a TetraMap-related project of your choosing to design, deliver and share with the MTF community.

Regular Zoom meetings build the group’s teamwork, collective intelligence and inter-dependent approach. We want you to collaborate and work together and share your learning. To spark and riff off each other, and maximize the opportunity to work with someone from another culture, another part of the world. Be curious, be open, be possibilities focused. 

You’ll also need to co-deliver and be the lead facilitator at the TetraMap Certification Programme.

As expected, it’s a bit of work, research, time and effort, but all relevant. A growth journey. 

Programme content

Four components

  • Pre-programme reading and resources. Three modules, each consisting of an online learning event, pre-module reading and research, and a written assignment.
  • A project allowing for real-life integration of learning and added value to you, your organisation, and TetraMap’s community development.
  • Co- Delivery of the TetraMap Facilitator Certification Course. 
  • Group Coaching to further develop your leadership skills and coaching skills.   


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  • Work-related project
  • This is a significant piece of work that includes real-life integration of TetraMap that will create strategic business impact for you. Your project will be shared within your business and also with the TetraMap Master Facilitator Leadership Group.

Here’s a recent example of a project exploring TetraMap in Coaching with MTF Anja Doil.   

Delivery of the TetraMap Facilitator Certification Course

This involves observing, co-facilitating, and lead facilitating a Certification Course. A regional mentor will provide opportunities, feedback, coaching, and de-briefing.  This opportunity now includes a Virtual Certification Course experience. 

“I was challenged along the way – both in terms of understanding new concepts and having my perceptions and views challenged and changed.  It requires a real commitment to do the learning, research, reading and work to truly understand and embed the concepts and principles into your life.”
Anna Bolton, Waikato District Council, New Zealand. Read More

Group Coaching 

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  • The MTF programme will span 6 – 9 months depending on accumulated TetraMap experience and pre- and post-modules work. 
  • This is not a traditional course or programme.  It requires curiosity, creativity and stickability.  
  • We aim to bring together an international cohort, with different worldviews, possibly meaning some after hours meet ups.  
  • Are you prepared to participate, explore, do the work, and help others get there too?  

Apply Now – Programme begins in January 2024

  • ready to level up to the challenge? 
  • then complete then register interest here 
  • see below for course fees 

Your Investment is:

  • Europe – €2,200
  • UK – £2,000
  • US, Latin America, Asia & rest of the world – US$2,500
  • NZ – NZ$3,500 (excluding GST)
  • Australia – A$3500



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