The Elements

By TetraMap_Admin

Are you Earth, Air, Water or Fire?
Or... like nature... are you a unique combination of all four elements?

The wood and the trees 

In today’s complex world, it’s not surprising that the old saying “it’s hard to see the wood for the trees” is a popular expression. TetraMap is all about looking at the wood and the trees and in fact using all of nature as a powerful metaphor for seeing ourselves and the nature of others. 

Begin with a map 

TetraMap begins with a map reflecting how nature works inter-dependently and synergistically.  We divide the map into its key Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire to define aspects of people’s nature.  This process catalyses a way of thinking about how we behave and communicate differently, and through this lens, we see that human diversity is more than the usual definitions of age, sex, ethnicity, and so on.  Indeed, it is the endless potential of mapping new and familiar territories that is the magic of TetraMap.  

The Elements 

Knowing our nature via TetraMap can: 

Earth: Take us forward to achieve goals.

Air: Help us design systems to work and plan together.

Water: Help us acknowledge diversity for our caring and wellbeing. 

Fire: inspire and excite us to create bright futures together.   

At work

In this one minute video, you’ll see how a lack of understanding between different Elements causes havoc!          


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TetraMap has been a game changer for AstraZeneca. It validates people, it enhances their self-esteem and most importantly, allows for difference to be seen as a significant team strength. Teams are now more inclusive than ever before and truly embrace diversity!
Ian Blackwell – Site Coach, AstraZeneca UK Operations