A map, a process and a set of tools. 

Become a Certified TetraMap Facilitator and design your own learning experiences, or find a Facilitator who’ll work with you to design and deliver the change you’re seeking to make.  

Wherever you are in the world – or if your team is globally dispersed – learners can experience the magic of TetraMap with our new Digital Suite. Digital, blended, or face-to-face learning options.

Newly certified Facilitator, Washington DC USA July 2017 

“Immerse yourself in a journey of discovery and learning.”

Find a Facilitator

With almost 2000 facilitators around the globe, we’ll help you find the right person. 
Here, you’ll find a list of facilitators in your region who’ve outlined their specific skills and passion for what TetraMap delivers. Please contact them directly, or contact us with your questions.

Solve a range of business challenges

Understanding self and others,  communication and conflict,  team development,  business planning, customer needs –  all the resources are designed to be contextual and flexible.

The genius of TetraMap is the map. One simple, elegant framework applied to multiple challenges.  Saves time, energy, confusion, and frustration. Helps make facilitation easy – and application fast.   

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