TetraMap eNews July 2019: Winning Perspectives 

“It was a fantastic game of cricket”

Said Kane Williamson, captain of the New Zealand Cricket team the Black Caps, in his post-match interview following his team’s loss to England in the final of the Cricket World Cup at Lords in London over the weekend.  Williamson has shown sports fans and elite athletes alike how to behave with humility, how to accept heartbreak.  

Whilst just over the river at Wimbledon, another epic match finished with victory for Novak Djokovic over Roger Federer. 5 hours long, 13-12 in the final set. Federer says “You try to forget, try to take the good things out of this match. There’s just tons of it, I think it’s a mindset. I’m very strong at being able to move on because I don’t want to be depressed about actually an amazing tennis match.” 

Whilst there is a contrast in the stories, there are commonalities in the sentiment.  

These guys are professionals, influencers, leaders, and global icons. They know about the greater good. The good of the game, the good of the fans, the good of the team.  

Translate to your context: How are you playing your Leadership game? How do you play for win/win?  How do you play for the good of your learners, the good of your industry,  the good of all customers?    

I’ve always enjoyed drawing parallels and leadership lessons from sport. Last weekend provided us with so many positive examples.  We hope you’ll be inspired to illustrate your own winning perspectives and above the line lessons with your teams and clients. 

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