Why is the customer like that?

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The nature of sales and service

From individual consumer transactions to complex negotiations, understanding customer needs, motivations, and communication challenges will improve sales and service results. 

Ensure optimum customer care with TetraMap’s Why is the customer like that? This comprehensive workshop will help you differentiate the needs of customers and plan strategies to meet those needs.

Participants will:Copyright TetraMap - Why is the customer like that? workbook

  • Learn how personal nature can improve sales and service outcomes.
  • Understand how meeting the nature of individual customer needs ensures optimum customer care.
  • Practise flexing through Elemental responses to watch wins multiply.
  • Explore the value-added nature of your company’s product/service.

What’s included in the resources?

The 26-page workbook contains the TetraMap instrument, explanation of the model, and six exercises to ignite a positive approach to improve sales and service strategies. The Leader Guide includes experiential activities that promote positive customer engagement and demonstrate how TetraMap can be an invaluable sales and service tool.

TetraMap helped me to see things from a customer’s point of view so I could understand more about what they wanted. It enabled me to mirror the customer and build better rapport and, more importantly, trust.

Emma Harvey, Customer Consultant
Nationwide Building Society, UK

Igniting sales and service

Nationwide is the UK’s third-largest mortgage lender and have integrated TetraMap into their award-winning training. Designed to empower their sales and service agents to create meaningful conversations with customers, the Ignite programme is an ongoing success in assisting Nationwide to retain their position as the number 1 financial institution for customer service. READ MORE >


Want to communicate with your customers better? Contact us or get in touch with a facilitator in your region. We also offer in-house certification courses so you can accredit your own internal trainers.

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TetraMap was easy to understand and remember. I gained a greater insight into how to use positive language to engage each of the customer styles and how to change my own voice, tone, and language to get in better rapport.

Matt Goff, Customer Consultant
Nationwide Building Society


Absolutely, positively customers

Over 200 staff at Wellington City Council have taken part in the ‘Excellent Customer Service’ programme designed to improve the council’s customer service strategy. As leader of the programme Bevan Smith puts it, “If you’re going to serve the customer well, you have to be able to understand yourself and others first.” READ MORE >