Becoming a Certified TetraMap

By TetraMap_Admin - November 27, 2016

From guest blogger Donna Davidson

I am now a certified TetraMap Facilitator, and what a journey it has been! It feels as if my mindset and value systems were taken out, placed on a jungle gym, played with, hung upside down, then totally renewed as they re-surfaced upright and loaded with wonderful new oxygenated blood. It was a memorable time on the jungle gym.

The Facilitators Nikki Hommes and Jan Alley were an inspiration, sharing their knowledge in an intense but fun environment; their composure was so confident I knew we were in for something good. It was clear to me I was not the only participant totally engaged; the deeper we went the more relaxed everyone became. I even noticed the physical change in everyone’s faces as we progressed through the programme. The tools we were given to use from here on in just kept coming and kept igniting the excitement.

It’s true: if everyone subscribed to TetraMap, there would be world peace. The value of knowing that human behavioural differences can be understood and valued using the metaphor of Nature’s four elements deals with our anxieties and the differences even in the most harmonious environment.

To learn how we can take this incredible phenomenon and teach it in our workplaces or apply it to our businesses and lives is irrevocably valuable. Thanks, Nikki and Jan for your presentation, and Yoshimi and Jon for the gift.

Donna and fellow participants on the course in Auckland, NZ; Donna is third from the left
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Comments from other participants

Thank you for a memorable few days and what I expect to be a lifetime of learning.

Letticia Mincham, Independent trainer and coach, NZ

It will underpin our team, conflict, diversity, and harassment training.

Wendy Kimpton, Dahlsens Building Centres, Australia

The course gave me an understanding on relating to and commnicating with those who differ from my Element. I would definitely recommend it as TetraMap is a very useful and user-friendly model.

Nicola Bentley, Hamilton City Council, NZ

People get the hang of TetraMap so quickly. I use it more than anything else now.

Bronwyn Anderson (MBTI certified) Psychologist, Change Dynamics, NZ

I love being able to use TetraMap to influence the people around me. Understanding the best way to facilitate people of different preferences is a really powerful way to ensure everyone gets a personal journey that works for them.

Andy Scrase, Telefonica UK