Taking TetraMap® to Eden to create
a better world

Natural Organisation - one that is purposeful and effective, resilient and sustainable, happy and harmonious, and creative and positive

By Niki Davey – Saltbox

Having a deep sense of purpose is essential for a meaningful life, and for me this is about doing what I can to help create a more loving and sustainable world. I was therefore really excited to be able to deliver a TetraMap® Facilitator Certification Programme at the Eden Project in Cornwall last month (Nov 2017), along with Anne Clews from TetraMap UK whose support was instrumental in making the whole event a success.

Most readers will be familiar with the Eden Project, and those who have visited will have been inspired by the spectacular biodomes nestling in their crater, the amazing collection of plants, and the important stories that Eden tells us about our relationship with the planet. The Eden Project is an educational charity which aims to connect us with each other and the living world in order to work towards a better future. This message is one that is close to my own heart, inspires much of what I do, and is also the reason that I use TetraMap in my work.

TetraMap aims to make a difference to individuals, communities and the world by connecting us with nature and its timeless principles, and by promoting tolerance and understanding in order for us to live and work more peaceably and sustainably.  It is inspired by and modelled on the diversity and inter-dependence of nature, and its founders John and Yoshimi Brett created TetraMap to help create their vision of “world peace, where everyone respects each other and our fragile planet.”  

As individuals and organisations, we need to take responsibility for making decisions based on their long-term impact on people’s lives, the natural world, and the health of the planet.  Whether we’re generating new products or services, developing new policies and systems, planning new strategies or finding solutions to problems, it’s essential that we work more sustainably and ethically. It was with this in mind that I developed the Saltbox Nature at Work model to help businesses and organisations to work in harmony with nature, and to draw on the lessons that nature can teach us.  In doing so, they become a Natural Organisation – one that is purposeful and effective, resilient and sustainable, happy and harmonious, and creative and positive – as well as improving their relationship with nature and becoming more environmentally and socially responsible.

By bringing together TetraMap and the Eden Project, I’m confident that we have taken a small but influential step towards creating more socially and environmentally responsible leaders and organisations. Using the Eden Project as a venue for people to train as new TetraMap facilitators has given me new energy, insights and ideas for developing this further, as well as giving the newly qualified facilitators a strong connection to and understanding of TetraMap’s vision and values, which I’m confident they will promote through their own work with individuals and businesses around the world.  With two members of the Eden Project staff also taking part in the programme and becoming TetraMap facilitators, I’m looking forward to seeing how they use it to help achieve their organisational mission, vision and values and I’m excited about the possibilities for future collaboration – both with the Eden Project and with other organisations that are working to create a happier, healthier, fairer, and more sustainable world.

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