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“The more you facilitate the more you will learn.” Congratulations from Jon and Yoshimi – Creators of TetraMap! 


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Leadership, TetraMap® and Compassion

March 17, 2023 - TetraMap_Admin

Of the four TetraMap® perspectives, ‘compassion’ is the one that often raises an eyebrow at first glance. The surprise is understandable. Over the decades, the imagery and persona around leadership as a topic has associated it more with qualities of strength, fortitude, achievement and knowledge.

You Shall Have My Axe

January 17, 2023 - TetraMap_Admin

As we move into a new season of opportunity, imagine what you could achieve with a commitment to spending 60% of your time crafting the ‘perfect’ learner experience. My new-style radio shows deliver far more satisfaction to me, and, more importantly to my audience.

TetraMap in 1:1 coaching sessions: An invitation!

January 9, 2023 - TetraMap_Admin

Article by guest blogger Anja Doil, Germany.  While I had regularly used TetraMap in team topics with groups of 3-60 participants, I had much less experience with using it in 1:1 coaching. So, the result of my Master TetraMap Facilitator project. What about TetraMap in 1:1 coaching settings? Here is an invitation for you to consider: