Anja Doil

Anja Doil

Anja DoilCertified 24/09/2019

Vemmer.Doil Coaching & Consulting

GmbH & Co. KG
(Berlin & Bielefeld, Germany)

+49 (0) 176 46 55 66 02

Vemmer Doil


Upon becoming a certified TetraMap facilitator in 2019 and a Master Facilitator in 2022, I have included TetraMap in (almost) all offerings that I provide to my clients. TetraMap has become a way of life.

Anja Coaching TetraMapMy goal: Empowering people and teams to unleash their potential to lead a happy and successful (working) life. I also consult with organizations, executives and HR managers, for more success in people management.

My approach: First, I listen deeply to my clients. Then, I build upon my emotional intelligence, insights into the future of work and over 25 years of experience in coaching professionals, teams and executives to tailor bespoke offerings for them. TetraMap is always in the picture.

My success: Proven track record in driving organizational change and people development, from bringing HRM to an IT/services start-up to leading global HR functions in a multinational corporation and now being co-owner of a boutique-style coaching and consulting firm.


Coaching & Consulting for Executives, Leaders & Teams, Strategic Advisor for HR Functions. I am based in Berlin and Bielefeld, Germany, and provide offerings in English and German for clients in Germany as well as remotely.


For more insights please look at my two TetraMap articles: Introducing TetraMap to your organization the EASY WAY. and TetraMap in 1:1 coaching sessions: An invitation!

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