Founders’ story

By TetraMap_Admin

Yoshimi and Jon Brett

Since 1980 Yoshimi and Jon have been exploring what turns people on and off to learning and how successful individuals, groups, and organisations create sustainable cultures. As corporate facilitators focused on personal and organisational development, they learned first-hand about the role of emotions in learning. The principles and methodologies that underpin accelerated learning, NLP, experiential learning, and emotional intelligence created their signature style of facilitation, and the TetraApproach to development.

Yoshimi Brett, Director

In 1992 Yoshimi began her career in corporate training, combining her 8 years of teaching in the US, Australia, and Japan with 15 years’ experience in management and leadership positions in health, fitness, and the environment. Developing an organisational development model based on nature’s principles has borne fruit beyond her expectations.

Jon Brett, Technical Director

Jon is involved in the design and content of most TetraMap publications and workshops. His background is in video production, writing software manuals, and designing activities for corporate training which all contribute to his expertise in creating powerful learning environments where both the context and content are sensitively learner-focused.

Focus on legacy

The Bretts’ hope is that leaders and followers alike will choose paths that value diversity and demonstrate inter-dependent and sustainable ways of working together and with the planet.

Currently, they focus on leaving a legacy with the uptake of TetraMap’s vision and values by their Licensees and Certified TetraMap Facilitators. They have full trust in and admiration for the inspiring work they are doing for humanity and the planet.

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TetraMap founders, Yoshimi and Jon Brett discuss the origins and legacy of their creation.


By focusing my actions on the sustainability of people and the planet, I have energy to offer TetraMap as a concept I know can make a difference to individuals, communities and the world.

Yoshimi Brett
TetraMap International

My vision for TetraMap’s future is world peace, where everyone respects each other and our fragile planet.

Jon Brett
TetraMap International


Leadership thoughts from Yoshimi and Jon