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The Founders’ perspective

Origins and legacy

TetraMap founders Yoshimi and Jon Brett talk about the origins and legacy of their creation. READ MORE >

My Big Shift

by Jon Brett, TetraMap Co-Creator

When I look at my annual carbon footprint there is one elephant in the room: overseas flights. The carbon footprint of flying massively outweighs everything else put together.

How about offsetting the carbon? Lots of websites will happily calculate how much carbon you need to offset, but my guess is that all their assumptions are wildly inaccurate and definitely do not account for any of the carbon cost of building and servicing the planes and airports. As soon as I try to calculate a “fair” cost of carbon, I get into arguments about the validity of the calculations, and just get nowhere. So to justify the damage to the environment I am causing, I decided on a simple common sense formula…READ MORE >

Plan B

In 2013 Sir Richard Branson announced the launch of a not for profit organisation Plan B. The organisation has secured the involvement of significant global leaders and The B Team’s manifesto, known as ‘Plan B’, is based around a 10-point agenda for change: an ambitious idea that “puts people and planet alongside profit”. Plan B seeks to redefine success, create new structures, measure the capital business takes from nature, and be entrepreneurial in closing the gap between rich and poor.

The TetraMap approach to Plan B

Yoshimi and Jon Brett discuss the TetraMap approach to Plan B and ask you to consider two catalytic questions… READ MORE >

The TetraMap approach to leadership

Using Nature as a link (the threat to New Zealand Aotearoa’s beloved kauri trees), Yoshimi and Jon Brett discuss how TetraMap is a leadership competency and a key to one of Plan B’s three challenges… READ MORE >

The TetraMap approach to incentives

Yoshimi and Jon Brett in Aotearoa New Zealand were visited by a pod of dolphins while sailing in the Hauraki Gulf. Wondering why this friendly pod chose them to visit, Jon reflects on a powerful business lesson…. READ MORE >

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TetraMap origins and legacy


It is often easy to describe management in terms of management of resources, time, budgets etc. To describe the meaning of leadership is a little more tricky. I have been on numerous leadership courses in the past which have attempted to put leadership into words. Tetramap shows simply, in the form of a tetrahedon, why leadership is focused on harnessing diversity and energy by recognising that people behave differently according to their preference for Earth, Air, Water, or Fire thinking styles and modus operandi. A true leader will possess the skills to recognise behavioural diversity, engage with their team, expect synergistic results, and nurture inter-dependence.

Caroline Newton
Chief Finance Officer, Aqualine Products Ltd