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You are whole, creative, resourceful and more than enough. Impart the wisdom, release the gift, pour from the overflow and your cup will always be full.

He taonga koe – you are a gift.

by guest blogger Lady Ranapiri-Kupa, from Aotearoa New Zealand. 

He Taonga Tuku Iho (a gift from my ancestors); Whai – Stingray; Manu – Bird; Kaitiaki – Guardian, Protector, Keeper

You are a dream come true for all your Tipuna
Your āhua, presence, nature brings healing – it creates a sense of belonging
Your mauri, energy, essence brings warmth – it inspires and ignites others
Your matauranga, expertise, and mastery brings clarity – it gives insight and direction
Your mana, authority, and influence brings strength – it grounds, creates and holds space

You are whole, creative, resourceful and more than enough.

Impart the wisdom, release the gift, pour from the overflow and your cup will always be full.

Kia kaha!

I was compelled to write ‘GIFTED’ after my first MTF wānanga and trust it encourages you e hoa.


Imagine this – its 8:45am. I have not had my morning coffee fix yet and I am more than an hour late for the TetraMap Facilitator Certification Course in Wellington.

Coffee cup
If Haa (Air) was a person, she would greet you like this!

On my way into the city, I came to a complete stop on the motorway and saw red. It was like the red sea. Brake lights filled the motorway and there was nowhere to go. This didn’t stop drivers from using their creativity though. I noticed cars cruising in bus lanes and not merging like a zip, tail-gaters travelling at a top-speed of 10kms, gap-makers, lane changers and U-turners.

It was clear to me that a serious accident had just occurred and I let the team know that I would be late.

Finally – I made it. Parking was a dream and I was thankful to find the perfect parking space, directly opposite the venue.

As I walked into the venue I noticed its pristine state. It was impeccably clean, quiet (despite being by the motorway) and had clearly defined spaces. The signage was bold and clear, our room was easily accessible to the amenities and we didn’t have to deal with stairs or lifts. Winning!

I was greeted by the smell of hot, brewed coffee and a big smile from the MTF leads Esther and Kararaina who welcomed me with aroha. The ako space was a unique reflection of Maori Culture, nature, Te Taiao. The space had colour, boldness, structure and purpose. It was clear to me that an AIR element put a lot of thought into this transformation and I appreciated every detail.

It was now when I realised that I belonged here. It impacted me quite powerfully and I thought “Wow TetraMap, you really thought about me!”

My first impressions gave me manaakitanga vibes and it offered me space to be fully present, engaged, worry-free and prepared.

Group Photo
We see you.

Our MTF’s led brilliantly – it was easy and effortless. I noticed the energy in the room – it was genuine, intentional, willing and explorative. It wasn’t just another Professional Development course – it was an experience.

My day ended with inspiring feedback from a participant that spoke to my heart and affirmed my belief that every season is perfect for its time.

I believe TetraMap is a gift. It brings us together and in my culture, we call that Kotahitanga – our unique way of being. It reminds me that the gifts we have inside of us are not for us – they are for others. And so, I encourage you to give your gifts away. Be the koha, model, approach, method and framework.

He taonga koe. You are a gift.

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