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By TetraMap_Admin - July 11, 2022

Olive Strachan MBE, has a story about self belief and much more. As a black female entrepreneur she tells her story of 25 years in business - with plenty of ups, downs and mistakes to learn from. She encourages others to do the same "Be courageous and believe in yourself! I urge you to take that first step and start jotting down some ideas. Writing your book can bring far reaching and life-affirming rewards." 

Why I wrote my book.

By guest blogger Olive Strachan, MBE. 

The power of you
Written by Olive Strachan,MBE

My ultimate aim in writing the book was to help other entrepreneurs to avoid the mistakes that I have made when I first opened my business and learn from my experiences so that they could achieve success quickly.

I opened and established my company Olive Strachan Resources/Consultancy in 1998. From then to the present day, I have grown my business into a global company working as an international Speaker, consultant, Equality and Diversity specialist, and Executive coach.

Whilst speaking at events or delivering training, mainly to an international audience, I would always have a request to have a copy of my book or would receive suggestions about me writing one. Mainly because they had enjoyed hearing my story and wanted to hear more; as I was busy with work this was something that I kept on a back burner, knowing one day I would write my book.

Also having request for a copy of my book made me realise that I could only reach a limited amount of people by delivering on-site events, whereas a book could reach many more people asynchronically.

I have also reached a level of maturity in my life, where I want to share my experiences with others. I am a coach and mentor and over the years I have gathered valuable data around the needs of entrepreneurs, my book is designed to inform, advise, inspire and encourage.

During the 2020 pandemic I was living in the UK and at that time we were not allowed to leave our homes, just an hour for some exercise and to buy groceries. As an extravert who strongest element in TetraMap is ‘Fire’ this was absolute torture for me and my normal sunny nature was definitely getting tarnished. I had already made some notes and had planned some chapters for my book, so I created a plan and sat down and began to write. This was my salvation during the dark days of the Covid pandemic. As we know ‘Fire’ elements need a purpose and a goal and writing my book gave me all this and more!

A road map to business success!

My book is a culmination of my work as a Black female entrepreneur. Part of being successful in business is understanding yourself and others, I have used the TetraMap tool for over 15 years to help myself and others, as a brain friendly framework for viewing diversity and complexity. I use it for conferences, coaching and training and have used it in many of my global contracts.

In the 24 years that I have worked for myself, I have been involved in the NatWest bank entrepreneur mentoring scheme, I am an ambassador for women of the year. I am an export Champion for the Department of International Trade (DiT), which means that I help businesses who want to take their business into international markets by coaching them. I was also on the panel for the Rose Review, which is a government backed initiative into female entrepreneurship. My book brings together all my years of experience in working with organisations and individuals to reach their full potential. My target market is all entrepreneurs, but because I have written from a female perspective 80% of my readers are females.

The key themes.

It charts my experience of opening my business, raising funding, overcoming my doubts by creating the right mindset. It also encompasses a lot of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the current climate.

1. Imposter syndrome – Understanding how you can change your mindset and use tools and techniques to overcome this.

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2. Diversity and Inclusion – This is on the agenda for most organisations in 2022. In my book I share my own experiences and examine how organisations can make the necessary culture changes to embrace EDI.

Team Work
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3. Social Media – I give hints and tips on how to make the most of social media to grow and enhance your brand.

Social Media
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4. Networking – This is the lifeblood of any business, and I explain the importance of networking both personally and professionally.

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5. Going Global – I give some insight into taking your business to an international audience and the support available to help achieve this.

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What business professionals are saying about ‘The Power of You’!

S S Bailey
5.0 out of 5 stars 
The best decision of 2020 was buying this book!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 July 2021
Verified Purchase

The power of you! Is a powerful motivational tool to get up and face your own fears and self-doubt and just go for it. I have myself taken a giant leap of faith and decided to go it alone after years working and after reading Olive own story, I am no longer afraid instead excited! Thanks, Olive, for the inspiration!

Martina Witter
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Transformational , Insightful and a blueprint for success

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 April 2021
Verified Purchase

An inspiring and transformational book which has encouraged me to own my journey (highs and lows) and to use them as stepping stones to success. Olive has poured her heart out into this book, and I resonate with much of her journey. I am reminded that resilience is foundational to success and the importance of innovating and owning your uniqueness in challenging times.

The Impact and consequences of writing my book.

There have been many positive outcomes from writing my book. Since October 2020 I have moved to Dominica in the Caribbean. However, because of my book I still receive many speaking engagements internationally. I now deliver these sessions remotely from my Caribbean home. Most recently I spoke at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) conference to over two thousand students and my book appeared in the People Management magazine.

I recently held a virtual book launch where over eight speakers from various parts of the world:

  • Africa
  • Spain
  • Egypt
  • America
  • Dominica
  • New Zealand
  • UK

All spoke about the impact my book has had on them. As a result of this I now have new coaching clients in 6 African countries.

I have had ten requests for my book to be on audible, I am investigating this at the moment and people who have read the book want me to create a ‘Power of you’ community so that they can connect with each other. I will begin this by holding a retreat around the book using TetraMap to facilitate greater understanding of themselves and others and to enhance communication. The date of the retreat will be 2023 and it will be held in the Caribbean.


 So, if you are someone like me who has a story to tell but you are not sure if you should go ahead. Be courageous and believe in yourself! I urge you to take that first step and start jotting down some ideas. Writing your book can bring far reaching and life-affirming rewards.

What I suggest you do, is to start drafting the goals and objectives of your book and who your audience will be. (Earth)

What you will learn from the experience is the wealth of knowledge you have, your ability to focus, build on ideas and to research. (Air)

  Know your tribe and cheerleaders, the people who will encourage, support and cheer you on! (Water)

Then you can inspire others to fulfil their potential, be less risk averse and step into their power! (Fire)

Olive Strachan MBE is a Certified TetraMap facilitator, based in Dominica, Caribbean. Meet Olive 

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  • This is a story of tenacity, risks, and shows what someone who has an active growth mindset can achieve. Olive sets about sharing her story in a gracious and generous way and encourages others to do the same.
    The fact she loves TetraMap is a bonus! Importantly Olive also shares how enlightening the lessons were to help her in the early part of her business success.
    A very positive and uplifting book – no matter where you are now – you can always go forward is what I took away from this.
    Louise Duncan, MD – TetraMap International

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