Human life in the 21st century
– opportunity or tragedy?

By Louise - October 30, 2019

Wow, isn’t it great to see human advancements in technology we have made over the last 20 years....and yet despite this progress, isn’t it heartbreaking to see all the negativity, violence and hatred spewed in the world right now?

By Abbas Peera, Certified TetraMap Facilitator, UK 

I’m musing over this conundrum, Yes, something doesn’t quite feel right….I contrast the world 20 years ago and now. 

Yet despite all the scientific and technological advancements in the world today, at the most basic level, racism is still prevalent (petty considering not one of us had any influence over our own skin colour before being born) all the way to the macro level; rather than building bridges to increase our connectivity as a global village, effort is spent on either building walls or engaging in trade wars. 

Photo by from Pexels

I couldn’t help but notice a common thread runs through each of these issues….over the last few years, our leaders and as a result, the followers have increasingly focused on differences (rather than similarities) and as a result, people have drifted apart, feel disrespected and the rift has widened over time. And yet in a time not so long ago, differences and diversity were seen and celebrated as a source of strength. 

Hmmm…I also observed that Technological advancements have changed our information seeking and communication preferences and as a result, rapid decision making based on how we view the limited information available at a click of a button ….have these factors perhaps influenced and changed our view of the world?

Amidst all this musing, I pause…..and reflect upon nature and see all the elements; earth, air, water and fire…..working in harmony for a greater good – stability. 

Perhaps in nature lies the secret of viewing, understanding and celebrating differences. Aah yes, it’s all about perspective, all about perspective….

By Abbas Peera, Certified TetraMap Facilitator, UK 

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  • What a wonderful thought-provoking blog Abbas. How we spend our time, looking down or looking out – makes a difference to how we see the world – both literally and metaphorically.

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