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With over 20 years’ experience supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes in 20 countries globally, TetraMap’s robust methodology has a proven track record of delivering tangible business results.

We work collaboratively and inter-dependently with our Licensees, regional Master Facilitators, and a worldwide pool of experienced Certified Facilitators.


TetraMap was founded by Yoshimi and Jon Brett. Read their story here.


Certification courses and TetraMap products are available in:

United Kingdom

TetraMap UK Limited
Tel: +44 170 628 2264

Curium Solutions
Tel: +44 121 233 9438

Latin America

Odisea Consultores
Monterrey NL, Mexico
Tel:  +52 (81) 8040 1071

United States of America

TetraMap US
Orlando, FL, United States
Cell: +1 407 777 5495 | Office :+1 321 281 8383
Email: Daniel Entwistle

Rest of the world

TetraMap International
Auckland, New Zealand
Tel: +64 (0) 22 386 4414

Master facilitators

Master TetraMap Facilitators are highly skilled and experienced trainers, presenters, coaches, and educators. Find one in your region here.

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“People get the hang of TetraMap so quickly. I use it more than anything else now.”

Bronwyn Anderson (MBTI certified) Psychologist,

Change Dynamics, NZ

The TetraMap allows us to see our preferences while quickly and easily seeing how to think/behave/communicate differently to connect with someone who has a different preference than our own. It is also very powerful to have the use of the 4 areas in terms of flow for example, communicating empathically and more effectively by moving through the 4 areas in a specific order. For teams, it will be much easier for them to be knowledgeable about all 4 areas quickly (much faster than MBTI). The obvious metaphors for each area also make it easy to understand and relate to.

Christina Olex

Experiential Training And Development Alliance Summit, USA