As well as the following TetraMap videos, we've also selected some of our favourite TED talks for you.

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Our Latest Videos

3D Tetrahedron

Use this 3D Tetrahedron for online workshops and webinars. It can be played on screen or individually by your participants to gain an understanding of the TetraMap with four inter-dependent Elements with no opposites. A valuable learning concept for all TetraMappers. 

Amplify your message

A 30-minute webinar by Certified TetraMap Facilitator Kath Dewar of GoodSense Marketing, attended by our Master Facilitators.

Get practical tips and useful guidance from a marketing expert. Amplify your message and TetraMap’s reach by following 3 proven strategies – short, sweet, and simple to do!

Engaging the whole person

A 4:33-minute video made at the May 2015 CIPD Learning & Development show in the UK. Master TetraMap Facilitator Nicki Davey explains how Saltbox creates deep learning by engaging body, mind, heart, and spirit in their training. Some brilliant tips for workshops and conferences!

Influences and differences

The creators on TetraMap’s influences: Yoshimi and Jon Brett describe how TetraMap influenced by Ancient Chinese theories, Empedocles, Hippocrates, Marston, Jung, Herrmann, but most significantly, R Buckminster Fuller.

TetraMap Video Archive

Nature is resilient

2.47-minute video on how nature is resilient 

Nature is Resilient (and awe-inspiring) – created by Viking Biomimic. 

TetraMap origins and legacy

Why we developed TetraMap

Yoshimi and Jon Brett discuss the origins and legacy of their creation.

The TetraMap of planning

3:09-minute video by Jan Alley, Master TetraMap Facilitator

Jan talks about the value of the planning tool for her consultancy and her clients.

TetraMap’s competitive edge

14-minute video by Jon Brett, TetraMap co-creator

Jon talks about the tetrahedron, TetraMap’s competitive edge. Edgy-ness is an excellent metaphor that reflects risk: standing on the precipice, being provocative, a little confronting even.

Diversity fuels synergy

1:45-minute video by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, TetraMap founders

Yoshimi and Jon demonstrate how to prove 1 + 1 = 4 and that diversity is a prerequisite for synergy.

Sustainability is mainstream

A 5-minute video by Jonathon Porritt (April 2011)

Yoshimi and Jon attended a conference March 2011 entitled Sustainability is Mainstream. The conference ended with a 5-minute video presentation from Jonathon Porritt, co-founder of Forum for the Future in the UK.