Covid-19 Special – Mindset
and Resilience with Leadership
psychologist Liz Payne

By Louise

Liz has been working with one of Australia’s largest organisations to prepare for ‘The future of work’ – including remote working and to support employee wellbeing. Remote working isn’t new, but what is new is the scale, pace and impact of the change. 

Liz says remote working can definitely work, it can and it does, but a large part of success is down to the role of the leader. 

She says it is important to focus on what we can do, not what we can’t influence.  This is the biggest leadership challenge any of us has faced and we need to make a choice to reconnect with our purpose. Do I need to change my purpose or my team’s purpose?  This will help us pick ourselves back up.  

 Liz shares what she did to pick herself up after most of her work was postponed, which helped to get her thinking clear, and to focus on the longer term. 

Louise and Liz discuss the growth mindset, and why this drives behaviour and therefore the success of any change.  Is there another way to look at this? What can I learn?  What do we know already that we can tap into?  What can we try? 

Presented by: Louise Duncan, TetraMap International.
Guest: Liz Payne, Liz Payne Consulting

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