TetraMap and sustainability

By TetraMap_Admin

The Tetra Bottom Line

Sustainability and responsibility are key to TetraMap International’s values.

We seek solutions that ensure our impacts on the Tetra Bottom Line (see the image to the right) are positive, ethical, and healthy.


All TetraMap publications are printed on 100% recycled paper. We believe it is vital to support the paper recycling industry regardless of how sustainably forests are managed.

Our current favourite is “Cocoon” which is also near-carbon-neutral as the paper is collected (in France) near the mill. All waste like the de-inking residue is closed-circuit, never leaving the site.

We are moving to printing locally for global customers – currently in the UK, Mexico, and Singapore – and making facilitator resources downloadable wherever practical.


Recently launched is the digital version of the Bretts’ TetraMap Book: Develop people and business the way nature intended, now with additional chapters.

Personal and team commitment

We monitor our home and office energy use and encourage all our stakeholders to embrace sustainability.

We have an almost completely paper-free office and offer work-from-home options to reduce travel and transport.

Certified Facilitator Esther Buckholt wrote a beautiful blog post about her family. They have made an amazing commitment to Reinventing rubbish and reducing landfill.

Also see TetraMap Co- Founder Jon Brett’s blog post demonstrating leadership at the Global Climate March in November 2015: Walk the talk.


Professional memberships

TetraMap is an active member of these professional organisations below. To find out more about these groups please click on the icons.

    Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI)