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By Louise

About TetraMap®

Let TetraMap ® help you to discover learning that’s seriously playful.

TetraMap ® offers discovery learning experiences with tactile tools and an active learning approach that help people to understand themselves and others.

We draw upon nature as a powerful metaphor to explore human nature and how people communicate, collaborate, and connect with each other.

With TetraMap ®, teams and organisations simplify and solve problems by working together and uniting diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences. 

The end result is communication, collaboration, decision-making, problem solving and planning that embrace difference and generate powerful outcomes.

Who uses TetraMap®?

Facilitators, consultants, change agents, coaches, trainers, managers and learning and development professionals value TetraMap.  It offers them a model, tool, framework and approach to help build more effective communication and productive collaboration, raising self-awareness and team esteem.

Taking TetraMap® to Eden to create a better world


Having a deep sense of purpose is essential for a meaningful life, and for me this is about doing what I can to help create a more loving and sustainable world. I was therefore really excited to be able to deliver a TetraMap® Facilitator Certification Programme at the Eden Project in Cornwall last month (Nov 2017)


Opening minds when engaging and negotiating with stakeholders

ATN Group is delivering of training programmes for Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. Including TetraMap helped participants prioritise what was important in negotiation – the process and impact of personality on the process. 


Changing the language of business


The model continues to engage individuals by helping them with team building, new team formation, reducing conflict, and managing and leading others.



Why TetraMap®?

TetraMap will help people and teams to:

• Raise self-awareness and team esteem
• Understand and value different preferences and flex behaviour
• Develop leadership and management capabilities
• Strengthen team collaboration
• Develop customer sales and service approaches
• Integrate a new framework for planning
• Grow approaches to problem-solving

Why does TetraMap stand out?

TetraMap’s ® Vision is to reduce conflict and leverage diversity.  The TetraMap ® learning approach helps people understand how strength lies in valuing differences -in order to create more synergy and reduce conflict. Our learning experiences provide a common language for teams to discuss challenges and illustrates how inter-dependence can replace a silo mentality.

EAsy to Learn

Also, TetraMap ® is:

  • Simple, memorable and easily applied   – learn it in the morning and apply it in the afternoon
  • Will be used daily and across different types of challenges – known as sticky learning it provides a fast pathway
  • Is safe, positive, and inclusive
  • Enables people to recognise themselves in all components of the model and not be pigeon-holed
  • Effective, affordable and engaging for everyone

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