Article: TetraMap Founders –
Impact on a global scale

By TetraMap_Admin

“My vision for TetraMap is world peace, where everyone respects each other and our fragile planet.” Jon Brett, TetraMap Co Founder. Find out more from the inspiring couple who created TetraMap over 20 years ago.

Caring for people and the planet 

Business Impact

TetraMap was developed in New Zealand Aotearoa by Yoshimi and Jon Brett.    

Jon and YoshimiThey looked to nature to create a learning model that increases personal well-being and team cohesion.  Combining lessons from ancient Chinese philosophy about Nature’s Elements with Buckminster Fuller’s scientific approach to ‘make the world work’,  the model has a unique approach and appeal.       

Environmental Impact

Architect Jason F. McLennan and his book Transformational Thought inspired TetraMap’s Founders Jon and Yoshimi Brett to build a home with a low environmental footprint. This study tells the story of their home Tanglewood, their build, insights, achievements, and leadership.

See how the story inspires YOU and ME to take action on the greatest challenge of all – what you can DO to sustain all of life. read more

Community Impact

In October 2020 Professor Hector Rodriguez de la Rosa of University of Guanajuajato, Mexico invited Yoshimi and Jon to talk with his university students about the topic of interdependence. However, because of COVID-19 the students were under a lot of stress, Yoshimi & Jon decided to redesign and use pictures and videos of Nature to build hope for the future. 

Societal Impact

Now retired from the business, Jon and Yoshimi continue to add value and influence others through a series of projects. The latest is linked to Buckminster Fuller’s Space Camp and BFI’s Design Science Decade. (About Design Science — Design Science Studio). The Bretts are collaborating with others across the globe on eco-restoration projects addressing degraded land and disadvantaged societies. To support this and other projects they’re developing an ecological framework to visualise systems based on Nature’s Elements and the tetrahedron unfolding and folding. Visit their new website and learn about Emergently – a shift from ego-centric to eco-centric strategies. 

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