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By Louise

About TetraMap 

Adventure onto your TetraPath!

TetraMap is a model that simplifies the complex. It maps nature into four basic Elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, then uses metaphor to explore how we communicate with each other. TetraMap consistently returns to the premise that we are all connected and inter-dependent and encourages us to learn from nature’s principles of diversity and sustainability. Whether we believe from a pragmatic, spiritual, systemic, or scientific point of view, it is a unifying approach that crosses multiple boundaries. TetraMap develops people and organisations the way nature intended.

TetraMap has an extremely high engagement factor that quickly raises self-awareness and awareness of others. You’ll experience this as you enter the room and meet others as curious as you are. To enrich that experience, even more, pre-course reading and links are listed below to help set the context for your TetraJourney.

The creators

Yoshimi and Jon Brett created TetraMap to reduce conflict in the workplace. Since 1995, their model has evolved from a model to an approach: a way of doing, thinking, feeling, and being that they hope benefits humanity and the planet. Watch the video of them sharing their personal journey and what inspired them to create TetraMap. This will give you a deeper understanding of their values and aspirations for TetraMap’s future.

BBC Team
BBC Worldwide, UK Facilitators Prepare to play and learn!

Your pre-course reading:

After the course, you will be able to download a free copy of our eBook. Here are some excerpts to download and read in advance. 

TetraBook Excerpts - Download Now

  • Please review the TetraMap values and consider which resonates with you and why.
  • TetraMap’s vision was inspired by Buckminster Fuller. Learn about Bucky’s legacy here.
  • TetraMap blog  (review and read one or two blogs of your choice).  
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