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The nature of a team

This workbook supports the process of building a structurally sound team. It relieves the pain of dysfunctional teams and silo mentality by increasing trust. This workshop, or series of workshops, will develop teamwork skills, foster strengths, and enable people to leverage their natural diversity.

“TetraMap is a game changer for teams and I always receive positive feedback from participants. They love the concept of the metaphor, its simplicity and the authenticity of valuing diversity in the workplace. Teams go away feeling engaged, valued and inspired”

Ian Blackwell, TetraMap Facilitator,  UK    

Following on from learning about self and others through the Nature of Behaviour, this comprehensive workbook and facilitated activities provide the processes and framework to create and maintain high-performance teamwork.

Participants will:

  • Explore the nature of the team, and reflect on the challenges of optimising diversity and creating synergy.
  • Learn and practise strategies for creating and sustaining high-performance teamwork.
  • Value the contribution of every Element in a successful team.
  • Focus on how to keep team spirit up, energised and moving forward.

What’s included in the resources?

This 30-page participant workbook contains the TetraMap instrument, explanations of the model and provides the framework and processes to create and maintain strong teamwork. Each workbook comes with a folding tetrahedron and sticker. A Leader Guide offers a step-by-step process including activities to get teams working interdependently and productively.

Accelerating team performance at Myer

TetraMap was the tool of choice at the Intercontinental Group Department Stores (IGDS) High Potential Programme in early 2014. The event, hosted by Myer retailers in Melbourne, gathered 20 retail leaders from all corners of the globe to tackle projects including merchandising, customer service, and people strategy. The workshop provided a unique challenge and case study to examine how a team of newly acquainted individuals can accelerate their team dynamics. Learn more >

The beauty and practicality of TetraMap ensures that participants can learn about it in the morning and apply it in the afternoon.

Tania Sellers
HR Advisor, Myer

Ready to transform your teamwork? Contact us or get in touch with a facilitator in your region. We also offer in-house certification courses so you can accredit your own internal trainers.

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The success I have had working with teams and the feedback we have had is second to none. TetraMap has helped establish teams that have been through a massive amount of change. It has re-energised flagging teams where there has been an element of conflict.

Learning and Development Manager
Astra Zeneca, UK

Teachers transform teamwork

Teachers and staff at Holy Cross School were introduced to a new way of communicating and collaborating that improved staff relationships. As mindsets shifted, staff realised they could apply their learning with students, also proving TetraMap’s value as a thinking framework in an educational context. READ MORE >