Immerse yourself in a journey of discovery and learning

You will learn:

  • How to facilitate the ‘Why are you like that?’  process and workbook exercises.
  • A working knowledge of TetraMap through practice and application to your specific requirements.
  • How TetraMap establishes a natural foundation for managing others, teamwork, leadership, performance, and sales & service.
  • Techniques to improve your communication, relationships and facilitation.
  • How the nature of metaphor and the tetrahedron shape visually and kinesthetically helps you to explain diversity in leadership, teamwork, change and development.
  • More about yourself and others than you imagined.

Our certification programme will give you:

  • The credential of Certified TetraMap Facilitator.
  • The knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate TetraMap workshops.
  • The ability to integrate TetraMap into your specific learning solutions.
  • Access TetraMap’s range of learning resources and online support.
  • A global network of TetraMap Facilitators to share and exchange ideas.


If you have a team of in-house L&D professionals, contact us – we can come to you!

Further details on the benefits of certification and read the course outline.