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The globally proven TetraMap learning model overcomes internal silos to improve team unity and collaboration, enhancing productivity, customer service, and sales.

The most frequent and significant business problems that TetraMap helps to solve include: reducing conflict; improving communication skills; and building team performance.

Problem Solution
Poor communication causing conflict and low self-awareness Build self-esteem, understand differences, and improve communication skills with:
Why are you like that?
or My nature your nature (the non-corporate version)
Internal silos and team dysfunction Recognise inter-dependencies and collaboration. Create and maintain high-performance teamwork with:
Why are we like that?
Poor sales performance and customer feedback Appreciate different customer needs and perspectives. Tailor each sales or service approach with:
Why is the customer like that?
Lack of belief in strategy Engage everyone in the planning process to create a shared vision for the future with:
Why are we doing this?

Why are you like that? workshop materials
See a NWeekend_HeraldZ Herald article about how TetraMap reduces workplace conflict by helping people function as teams.


NZ Herald Article

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With TetraMap, the standout feature for us is the simplicity of the concepts and the language, enabling wide application and understanding.

Chris Sidwell, HR manager
Fonterra (formerly at Hamilton City Council)

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