Getting set-up with TetraMap!

By TetraMap_Admin

Congratulations you are now a Certified TetraMap Facilitator! 
Let's get started!
Telefonica O2 Certification Course, UK

How to log in to 

You now have access to the Facilitator TetraMap website. By now you would have received an automated email from us asking you to verify your TetraMap account at In this process you would have been given the opportunity to change your password and agree to us sending you communication.

If you haven’t verified your account, your international login and email is the email used in this communication. Your password is tetramap2021 (unless you have registered yourself and created your own password. If so, please use your created password). Your password can be changed here

Please login first to verify your account and once logged in you’ll be able to access the downloadable resources.  

Downloadable Resources 

One of the key components that sets TetraMap apart is its ability to make learning fun and memorable. Create your own brain-friendly learning with the help of our downloadable resources*: 

When logged in, you will be able to:

(* You must be logged in to the TetraMap website ( before clicking the links).

Your TetraMap Profile 

We recommend you create a TetraMap profile which will appear on our Active Facilitator list, log in to the TetraMap International website and

  • Go to the website and click on “My Profile” complete the Profile form page. Please complete the entire form and attach the photo and logo files (if applicable)
  • Click send and your profile will be sent to Sharon who will add your profile and send you a confirmation email.

Stay connected 

We have also added you to receive our E-news, which is sent out bi-monthly with global TetraMap news and events. 

We would like you to join the TetraMap Facilitator LinkedIn Group click the link to request access –  TetraMap is a life a lifelong learning tool, so this group offers, exchange of new applications, information about new developments, a forum to share your ideas and successes and help and advice.

Time to spread the word about TetraMap?

We have put some Sales Brochure for you to share with prospects or colleagues into your Facilitator Kit to get you started. Just let us know if you would like more. 

Here is a TetraMap sales presentation that can be altered to suit your needs.
Visit our Marketing TetraMap page. 

Our Brand Guidelines are here.  This key document will help us present TetraMap is a consistent manner and reinforce our brand messages.    

Don’t hesitate to contact us at TetraMap if you need help in any way with the website or TetraMap in general.  

Thank you for being part of the global TetraMap community.

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